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Welcome to the JA Financial Assessment

Pass this assessment to get financially certified by Junior Achievement. JA financial certification shows that you possess basic financial literacy, with real-world benefits that can help you every day:

Take control of your spending

Equip yourself to face the challenges of college and starting your career.

Avoid common mistakes

Stay out of debt, so your personal finances remain stable, even during troubled economic times.

Stand out from the crowd

Impress parents, teachers, and potential employers when you show them your certificate.

The assessment consists of 30 multiple-choice questions that will test your financial literacy. If you’d like to prepare for the assessment, you can study at the Student Center.

Good luck, and congratulations on taking a smart step in securing future success!

Returning students can log in above to take the assessment, and new students should click below to get started.

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This assessment is based on the content provided on the JA Student Center, which is aligned to The National Standards in K-12 Personal Finance Education created by the Jump$tart Coalition® for Personal Financial Literacy.

JA Worldwide gratefully acknowledges American Express for its support of the development and implementation of the Financial Literacy Assessment on the JA Student Center. JA Worldwide appreciates its partnership with American Express to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy.

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