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Manage Your Money

Save USA Teacher Lessons

$ave USA Interactive Lessons

These three new, interactive money-management modules will help students learn age-appropriate concepts around spending, sharing and saving money.

  Battle of the Bands

Battle of the Bands

How will your choices about about education, training, skills, and careers reflect on your future income?

Discover economic terms and concepts that will help you prepare for your career. Play Battle of the Bands!


JA Money Might

Proving your financial expertise can be as fun in real life as it is in this online simulation. In both instances, you must play to win!

JA Money Might is an online simulation that tests a player’s financial skills. Are your critical-thinking and decision-making skills up to the challenge? Will your strategies triumph? Play and find out just how financially savvy you are.


JA Count on It!

Can you count on your financial decision-making skills? Find out here.

Personal money-management, including setting goals and financial planning, is an important part of leading a happy, successful life. Your parents deal with these issues on a daily basis. Invite them to share your exploration of the easy, informative activities and resources in this section.


Mastering the activities in Junior Achievement’s Manage Your Money section can take you to the next level in your quest to conquer the world of financial literacy.

First, play the game Money Might, a fast and fun simulation that puts you in role of financial planner. Will your financial skills make you a winner?

When you have finished seeing how “mighty” your money skills really are, visit the JA Count on It! section to participate in activities that help you assess and develop your financial expertise.

The Manage Your Money section also provides users with an extensive Toolbox that includes calculators, worksheets and more, along with a Links Library that that offers topic-research capabilities. ​​​
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