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Knowledge is power. You can take control of your future by learning basic 21st-century survival skills and putting them into practice. The JA Student Center provides the following resources to assist you in gaining the knowledge you need to achieve your goals.

JA Finance Park® Virtual

Within JA Finance Park® Virtual, you determine your net monthly income, visit businesses to collect pricing information, purchase items appropriate for your lifestyle, balance your budget in a timely manner, return to each business to pay for your purchases, and engage in unique interactive elements brought to life in the virtual environment—including social networking and personal challenges.

Visit JA Finance Park Virtual at:

JA Finance Park Virtual was created with the generous support of Capital One Financial Corporation.


You can build your skills.

Discover the power of mastering your personal
finances - a key to lifelong success.


Do you know the requirements for landing your dream job?
What's your dream job? Here are tools to help you make it happen.


Would you rather lead than follow?
Learn how to start a business and find your freedom.

The Economy

You need the real facts.
Discover economic operating principles and get up-to-date information so you can make smart financial decisions.
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