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Excellence Through Ethics

Junior Achievement teaches students how to succeed in a global economy. An important element of that success includes pursuing business goals in a responsible and ethical manner — from the way we treat colleagues to the way we handle environmental resources. We can build a consciousness of ethical behavior by setting a good example. We can start in everyday situations that take place at school and at home. The classroom is an excellent setting to learn and discuss the meaning of ethics and its impact on all aspects of our lives

Junior Achievement has a classroom-based program called Excellence through Ethics, designed for elementary students in grade four or higher. It was developed through a partnership with Deloitte, which also supports JA Business Ethics, a high-school program designed to foster ethical decision-making in the workplace.

We welcome teachers and JA volunteers to use of the following materials and links in the classroom. Please contact your local Junior Achievement office for more information about our curricula.

If you are a student who participated in an Excellence through Ethics session, please take a moment to provide your valuable feedback through this brief survey.

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