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Peer Talk


2011 Asia Pacific JA Company of the Year – Hong Kong “Hello everybody! It was a lovely experience to meet all of you in Hong Kong and to participate in the competition. COY really gave all of us wonderful memories that will last a life time. Hope the others enjoyed their stay in Hong Kong and had a wonderful experience. We wish to congratulate all the winning teams of the competition.”
Kaushini Perera

“Junior Achievement (JA), FedEx and Credit Suisse have provided us with the expertise and guidance in understanding and promoting entrepreneurship. In addition, FedEx showcased what it strongly believes in, the concept of Access, and offered advice on how to achieve it. This concept has affected our way of thinking profoundly and we are now able to look at things in a broader and global perspective. Once again, we would like to thank JA, FedEx and Credit Suisse for this wonderful opportunity.”
Eka Syafiqah

2010 JA Americas Company of the Year - Brazil “Thank you all for the great time I had in Rio and the opportunity of knowing new people from other countries! It was a unique experience which I'll never forget, and I hope to continue to stay in touch with all of you! Special thanks to HP, FedEx and JA to make it possible.”
Clari Siena

“I just want to comment that I really had a good time in Rio. It was all amazing; we learned new things about companies, we met new people and the location was incredible! I will never forget this experience.”
Andrea Lescano Ormaeche

“The event provided me the opportunity to meet people from several countries. I would mention primarily, the culture exchange, the friends we made and living some days with total diversity. The second remarkable point was all the group activities before the event and during it. It certainly developed and improved in each one of us the "team-spirit", responsibility, communication skill, working in team ability and, of course, huge business knowledge compared to those who couldn't participate.”

2010 JA Titan U.S. Virtual Competition “I learned the importance of details in the business world and that JA works to propel young people forward in their field of choice.”

“I believe it provides a valuable experience for students because it makes them think and use teamwork.”

2010 FedEx Express/JA International Trade Challenge - Singapore “Its class of education is like no other; none which can be learned in a normal classroom environment. The hands-on challenge provided a perfect platform to learn and experience business in the most effective and fun-filled way.”

“This is an experience I will never forget as I have gained ample knowledge and experience. I would never trade the journey for anything and I feel that anyone who has had the privilege of joining is truly lucky indeed.”

“I had the opportunity to know other students and also learned quite a lot of things from them. Not only in terms of personality, but also in terms of creativity and ways of thinking.”

2010 Africa Region JA Company of the Year

I wish to thank you for awarding me the opportunity to participate in the Junior Achiever event that had taken place during the course of 5 October to the 9 October 2010. Visiting Kenya, gaining valuable knowledge about the business world, networking with people from all around Africa and making new friends has proved to be an awesome experience. My only regret is that I may not be able to keep in touch with my new friends. I am glad that I had decided to take part in this event for if I had not I would have lost out on an opportunity of a lifetime. Once again I would like to thank you for making dreams come true.

With kind regards

Ashlina Sewpersad, General Manager, Zwelitzia Enterprises.


2010 Africa Region JA Company of the Year
I have experienced the adventure and opportunity of a life time and have had a great time in Kenya by networking making new friends and learning. I would like to thank the JA Office in South Africa for this amazing opportunity and Toyota for all the help they have given us I will carry the memories and skills I have learnt for the rest of my life as it was such s memorable experience. I would also like to thank Linda Ford for the assistance and guidance given to us.

Thank you JA South Africa.


2010 Africa Region JA Company of the YearI would like 2 thank everybody who was involved in the Kenya trip especially Lind Ford who was our facilitator and guide as well as [Junior Achievement] for giving me this opportunity, it was a great experience and will be remembered by me forever.

Thank you once again.



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