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Welcome to the Entrepreneur Center Video Room. Here you'll find a series of video vignettes featuring real-life examples of young entrepreneurs, as they discuss why it's cool to run a business, offer advice on the start-up process, and more.

So sit back and enjoy the show. Who knows, maybe in a few years you’ll be featured right here alongside them…

Junior Achievement Student Entrepreneurs

Have you always wanted to start your own business but never knew where to begin? Business-related or not, most of us have dreams and aspirations. The video series below shows how these JA students turned their dreams into reality. Junior Achievement, along with a lot of hard work and determination, helped these young people realize their potential. Are you ready to do the same? 
Rohan Singh
Check out this video on Rohan Singh, JA's 2003 JA Entrepreneur of the Year, and discover the story behind his business!

4min 30sec

David Washington
David Washington runs the Hot Spot Canteen, a snack bar started as part of the JA Company Program in David's New Hampshire hometown.

3min 12sec

Seth Flowerman
2004 JA JA Entrepreneur of the Year, Seth Flowerman, walks us through the streets of New York City and tells us about his business, Career Explorations.

4min 13sec

Andrea Freedman
Andrea’s business, Andie’s Candies, was started four years ago. As a young entrepreneur, she began making her own candy in her parents’ home, and this soon turned into a fully functional and successful business. Even with her learning disability, Andrea has proven that when you give something your all, it’s almost impossible to fail.

3min 1sec
Shreyans Parekh
In January 2003, Shreyans began his career as an entrepreneur, co-founding a wholesale party and wedding supply company, Koyal Wholesale ( Quickly expanding, the company now operates out of a 10,000 square foot warehouse. Knowing the importance of giving back to the community, he also co-founded humanitarian rights organization See Evil, End Evil (SEEDE), which is currently working on a project to help build the first public library in Rwanda.

4min 23sec
Barry Loseke
Barry Loseke has no shortage of entrepreneurial spirit. As an “eBay broker,” Barry specializes in scouring stores for discount items, then selling them on eBay at significantly marked-up prices. This practice has allowed Barry to net thousands of dollars over the course of a weekend and has us all saying: “Why didn’t I think of that”?

2min 1sec

Becky Saunders
Becky Saunders has always loved animals. Back when she was seven-years-old, she had an idea for a business that would allow her to work with the animals that were so near to her heart. That idea has turned into Becky’s Pet Sitting Service, which today has Becky showing off her entrepreneurial skills while doing what she loves all at the same time!

3min 8sec

Christian Wright
Less than a year ago, Christian got a hold of a jewelry-making kit, and seeing that his mother could use a new set of earrings, began to put his skills to work. Soon everyone realized what a creative talent Christian had in the art of jewelry making, and Art By Christian was born. He now has an impressive client-base and has turned his hobby into a lucrative business.

2min 13sec


Young Entrepreneurs' Organization (YEO) Members



Young entrepreneurs discuss what it's like to own a business!

There are countless benefits to becoming an entrepreneur. Check out this new video to listen and learn from real-life young entrepreneurs as they offer advice and discuss some of the benefits to running a business of your own!

2min 30sec

Adam Stites

As a teenager, Adam Stites was an avid paintball player excelling on the local tournament circuit. At the age of 15, he began selling paintball supplies over the Internet with a cozy office in his parents’ basement, and a hand-me-down computer. Eight years later, is the largest Internet retailer of paintball supplies in the world. His new facility in Portland (Tigard), Oregon occupies 15,000 square feet and employs 25 people. A healthy step up from the basement.

3min 20sec

Colette Malouf
Colette Malouf, Inc.

Colette Malouf has been designing jewelry and hair accessories since 1987, when her vision for a hair tie (later dubbed “The Malouf Pouf”) was bought by Bergdorf Goodman. With the immense success of her first product, Colette soon became one the most dignified names in fashion. Colette Malouf, Inc. features designs set apart by elegant combinations of bold, organic shapes, colors and highly distinctive materials.

Her jewelry and hair accessories are carried by the top retailers in the world, including: Le Bon Marche in France; Isetan in Japan; and Bergdorf Goodman in the U.S.

4min 48sec

Marc Renaud
Pharsyde Clothing Company

Marc Renaud always wanted to design and manufacture clothing. The dream started in college, when he made T-shirts and sold them to local Vancouver residents. When he soon realized that the retail industry was much more lucrative, Pharsyde Clothing Company was born. Nine years later, Pharsyde has three different locations and is one of Vancouver's coolest names in clothing and accessories.

4min 10sec

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